Who are you? – A Slam Poem


Can it even be described as a movie scene? As she’s dragging her hair back, pulling roots out of dreams? Does it even matter when she says ‘I think I’m fat’? Or is it just empty words, like this or like that? What’s happening to that guy two seats along? Are you even thinking about him, is that really wrong?

You see,

We’re told to, put yourself first, it’s your life, live your life, don’t live through others. But how can we be ourselves without lending a hand, to a fellow man when he’s down on his luck? How can we expect anyone to give a fuck – about any of us, if we aren’t there, to be that shoulder to cry on, that spare bed to lie on, when lifes got you down, whose really around?

When that girls crying so hard her heart is racing, when that man’s wife is in hospital, he’s endlessly pacing, and you just sat there on your Facebook or Twitter, moaning about the contents of the fridge or those shoes that ‘ruined your day’ , how can you be so bitter?

‘fuck my life, so depressed’, said every second of the fucking day, 90% of those people don’t know depression, don’t see depression, depression to them is just a word in the Oxford Dictionary, or some experience where they say ‘you’ll be fine, get over it.’ Suicide is just an occasional tragedy, though you were fine to go ‘lol kill yerself’ to that kid back in high school, not knowing how low…

…how low he or she was, trying to just get through the day, without being pushed or taunted or running away. When in fact it’s the nerds, the geeks, the uglies, the ones who are insulted who end up standing strong, after fighting for so long. That nerd? He helps others with the spare cash he makes. That geek? She’s running the family whilst spending time washing plates. And the uglies? The fats? The ‘nose too bigs?’ Some are hanging by a rope whilst some fight to be twigs.

See, that’s what society is now.

Lose, lose, lose, whilst being proud of who you are, let no man judge you, real men love curves and yet….

Magazines tell us to be ‘real’ women yet on the covers all we see are women from the Sims, nipped and tucked by a computer to form the illusion of slim. See, slim is a real thing, but not on the covers – just a fake little picture, to be looked on by others. And then there’s the adverts, ‘Try these pills, lose 20lbs in 10 days’, but weren’t these people already wasting away? With every pill that they swallow, every detox they take, how much money do these companies make…off our begging and pleading to look like ‘they’ do, but who are they? Can you name a few?

Look at their tits, that hair and that ass – is that what we want, are we really that crass? 99.9% of us don’t have the time, or money to spend 6 hours looking camera ready, only to be edited later by someone whose pay-cheque is ridiculously steady. The models are a starting point, the computer just there to find ways to exploit….

And the lads they’re made out to be senseless and cruel…only there for a shag, only there to be cool. And of course they exist, but wheres the press on nice guys? The ones who kiss your forehead at night, sing you sweet lullabies…and you may think that’s ‘gay’ because that’s now what it means, it’s not just a sexuality, it’s a so called insult that means…

‘that’s stupid,’ apparently, cause society is dumb. And all the while thousands of people feel uncomfortably numb, because, life is a sham. life is a lie. that’s what the media says, find the right girl or guy, yet all the while promoting stereotypes and the worst forms of people, who mock us and hurt us like a repeat movie sequel.

You see, life is shit, that’s what you can take from it.

Or ..

cut up the magazine bible of rules, stop being like a fool, and break out, break free, be completely new. But most important of all, don’t forget to be YOU.



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